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Our Motto

"Together we color our dreams."

about us

Opus Founders


Introducing the founder members who have gathered infrastructure and thoughts to create a platform for women artists and accredit them in all possible manner. In spite of hailing from different realms of education and profession all three partners share the same passion at a stage in life where they all want to give back to society at large specially to empower women. Having the education, individual achievements, experience and support, all three believe in the fact that every society progresses when women progress in every possible area along with the responsibilities that come with being a woman.

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Rashmi Soni

Ms Rashmi Soni, an eminent artist from Bengaluru, is a Masters in Political Science and had been working as a professor for many years. But with the drive of enthusiasm towards art, Rashmi is a qualified Diploma in Art and an award-winning renowned artist who is also an art educator at her own studio - Shiny colours for the past 10 years, grooming many emerging artists. Rashmi’s style of painting can be well defined as delicate yet with a lot of fine details and splashes of colours in sparkling combination. To see her works, visit at
Instagram @artist_rashmisoni


Puja Kumar

Ms Puja Kumar, an eminent Floral Watercolourist and an Art Educator in all mediums; she is academically qualified as B. Tech, M. Tech in Digital Electronics and Diploma in Fine Arts. She is the Country Admin (India, West) for Fabriano Inaquarello, Italy.

Passion is what defines her as a person and her floral expressions in watercolour is remarkable syncing with her emotions, with bright and intense colours and beautiful soft brush strokes. Puja has several years of experience in this world of art and is loved by many of her students and followers who aspire to paint like her. To see her works, visit at

Instagram @artist_pujakumar

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Sharmita Roy

Ms Sharmita Roy is a Diploma in Fine Arts from Rabindra Bharati University, West Bengal and Masters in Design from NIFT, (National Institute of Fashion Technology) Delhi. She has been working in the textile industry for the past 23 years both nationally and internationally and now owns her design studio and export business. Imaginative and inventive, Sharmita is a very passionate creator and keeps on exploring various mediums of art in her own innovative style. An eminent designer in her cult and an artist at heart, Sharmita believes that a beautiful piece of art is one that not only conquers the theme but also pays homage to it. To her colours help to create an illusion of space on a blank canvas and art gives us meaning to helps us understand our world. To see her works, visit at

Instagram @Sharmi_studio


About Us

Opus Kala Sanyojan is the brain child of three friends who share deep passion for all forms of creativity and believes that “Art” has the power to move individuals thoughtfully, initiate progressive social actions, heal, influence, entertain and educate people on a broader horizon.  It is a registered art community for all women artists across the world - a platform for all women art lovers, creative enthusiasts and professional women artists to grow hand in hand and empower each other.


To democratize the grandeur, social and culture heritage of our country through artistic expression.  We are working on exhibiting creative expressions and various artforms to the world from different parts of India by conducting art walks for women artists/creative aspirants to all the beautiful terrains from North of India to Southernmost and from west to east, and bring art out of the museum and galleries and onto the street.  We look forward to associating with all the women artists and grand maestros to join us and encourage operating on an open forum for constructive dialogue and creative conversations for the purpose of learning and imparting education. Opus Kalasanyojan is preparing to become the voice and representative of Visual art forms and a beacon of artistic endeavors.



We are collaborating with people who may be directly or indirectly engaged in art. We prepare workshops and art walks for women to create artistic experiences that revitalize both physical and social landscape and catalyzes cultural exchanges, connect communities and engage the public imaginations.   We are focused on encouraging women artists to come out of their inhibitions and taking out time from their social responsibilities, providing learning experiences to individual women artists, motivate them to hone their talents, through various skill development workshops by reputed art teachers and grand master artists associated to us, lesioning between artists, urban developers, community members, local business, art critics and curators to place artworks that achieves shared goals. We also aim at curation of art within the public realms.  We believe in embracing cultural vitality & diversity, servicing a broader range of communities and engaging with individual women artists of all socio-economic strata.



 To encourage creating artistic expressions that is beautiful, art that is political, art that is accessible, art that challenges, art that is expressive, art that is cryptic. We are working on providing an artistic platform for all women creative composers in all medium of art and their growth. A podium providing motivation, exposure and scope to come up with their talent from within their inhibitions and network for individual/group benefit. Our aim is to foster appreciation of art along with artistic growth through exhibitions and educational opportunities for its members.

Contact Us

Ph: +91- 7462097976 / 9980645117 / 9717255433

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